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Strategic Innovation - Igniting Breakthroughs

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Breakthroughs were first intended to be driven by deep structural change in this specialised business division. As time progressed the Executive Team was faced with some really significant and polarising challenges. They had achieved incredible growth and the value of the opportunity was known throughout the organisation. The challenge was that the restructure was leading to doubt and decreasing levels of trust within the team and a lack of self-confidence in achieving strategic and financial targets.

The leader was highly valued and deeply skilled; and began to see that to powerfully shift to get the intended outcomes that the Executive Team needed something more profound and systemic to move through the challenge and blockers to enable lift and breakthrough.

Together with the client we brought Aspirall’s collaborative, meaningful and agile design process we created a unique, innovative process that the client and the team were deeply connected too and that provided a point of focus and elevation for the team’s vision, purpose and ambition.

The following were some of the significant outcomes that were delivered:

  • Performance of the business was lifted and accelerated, becoming a more powerful market force, delivering beyond what was expected

  • Client relationships became more valuing and strong so growth opportunities were realised

  • The Leadership Team raised the scale of their thinking and brought more mastery forward

The Executive Team was engaged in the journey with Aspirall for six months, with the leader’s feedback at the end: “if you had told me I could get all of this, I would not have known or believed it”


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