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An Extra Special Celebration for Aspirall

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Today is World Poetry Day, a particularly special day for us here at Aspirall as we celebrate linguistic diversity and poetic expression from all poets and especially from our very own CEO Tanya Diesel, who recently launched her first poetry book, Endless Tomorrows internationally.

You probably know Tanya as a visionary transformational consultant, her creativity and her innovation precedes her, you might even be lucky enough to call her a friend but did you know Tanya is a brilliant poet?

Tanya's love for poetry began at school and was later extended through her studies at university in English, French and Italian literature. Enthralled throughout her life by nature and the wilderness, and profoundly moved by the human tragedy of apartheid, she is spurred on in her pursuit of expressing her desire for more kindness, respect and love in the world.

So, on this special day we, the Aspirall Team would like to celebrate Tanya’s work as a poet by sharing Noble Compassion, a poem from Tanya’s book, Endless Tomorrows.

Tanya’s latest book, Endless Tomorrows is an enlightening and uplifting collection of poems beautifully paired with striking images. These poems contain powerful and moving messages about nature, humanity, our Earth and the wonders we create. This is alongside some challenging notions to wake us up and care for ourselves, each other and the planet.

Endless Tomorrows is available internationally at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Booktopia and more. Click below to get your copy.


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