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Poetry Book

An enlightening and uplifting collection of poems beautifully paired with striking images that will extend the reader's delight.


These poems contain powerful and moving messages about nature, humanity, our Earth and the wonders we create. This is alongside some challenging notions to wake us up and care for ourselves, each other and the planet.

This book radiates beauty and contrast; a gift with strong messages to bring harmony and peace to our relationships, ourselves, the Earth and the universe. There are messages for us all... men and women, humanitarians, nature lovers, adventurers, star gazers, earth walkers and dreamers.


It has been especially designed so that you can pick it up and just read a few poems, or sit together with others, sharing ideas and poems to enliven the spirit and challenge our sense of being custodians of the planet.

Price: $39

Strategy and Leadership Cards

Aspirall has uniquely integrated symbol work as a powerful tool to lift and innovate strategic thinking and problem solving.


The symbols in the Strategy and Leadership cards have been designed to evoke powerful, personal, and subjective meaning that sits in the conscious, unconscious and subconscious mind.

Benefits of working with Symbols:

  • We all know that a picture says a thousand words, images reveal our unconscious and our inner knowing/wisdom

  • They powerfully evoke our senses and conjure up wider meaning opening the mind to new possibilities, innovation, imagination and creativity

  • In using symbols, we are working the intuitive parts of left and right hemispheres of our brains. Our minds associate these symbols with a 3-dimensional representation of our experience, making them more lifelike and tangible

Symbols become a powerful vehicle to enhance communication and understanding.

Price:  $99
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Aspirall Aromatics

Aspirall has a range of four specially designed Aromatics, each one chosen to enhance leadership, wellbeing and how we deliver our purpose through our work in our organisations, communities and the world. The Aspirall Aromatics are:

  • World Service

  • Purposeful and Visionary Leadership

  • Rest Release and Recalibrate

  • Presence and Grounding

For thousands of years, human beings have used aromatics of all kinds to inspire the senses, uplift and equilibrate the emotions. Our sense of smell can connect us deeply with inspiring and elevating experiences.


Our intention is for you to enhance your wellbeing and purposefulness through this range of Aromatics, each one designed with outstanding leadership and intentionality in mind.


These Aromatics created by Aspirall bring together a unique blend of individual essential oils sourced from a world leading provider: Young Living. Their essential oils are of the highest quality, following rigorous control standards and processes that protect our planet. They are extracted through state of the art practices to create the purest essential oils that are more powerful than the botanicals from which they come.


We have found, through our work with leaders around the world that there is a place to create a pause, a moment of strategic silence. What more powerful way than to do this with a natural fragrance and intention for Service, Purposefulness, Recalibration or Presence. This Aromatic then becomes a powerful reminder and anchor though the day of your highest intention and an opportunity to reconnect consciously with your motives, drivers and desires.


Each oil comes with a roll-on applicator for ease of use and handy travel size bottles. You can purchase them as a set or individually.

Price: $30 per bottle
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