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World Environment Day

It is winter now in the southern hemisphere, we have been experiencing polar blasts coming from the Antarctic, resulting in ferocious winds, freezing temperatures and climate chaos. Climate chaos, it seems has become the norm across this green planet of ours. We all experience it, we are all impacted by it, and we are all part of it.

“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of a difference you want to make.” - Jane Goodall

June 5 is World Environment Day, it has become the most significant global platform for environmental outreach, with millions of people and organisations worldwide coming together and committing to protect the planet.

In the universe, there are billions of galaxies; in our galaxy are billions of planets, but there is only ONE EARTH.

This year, Sweden will host World Environment Day again. Having hosted the first one in 1974, they are now reimagining the original call to action, “Only One Earth”. Sweden aims to achieve net-zero emissions by 2045 and is a frontrunner in greening its economy by rapidly adopting a low-carbon and renewable infrastructure and technology.

Did you know that right now we use the equivalent of 1.6 Earths to maintain our current way of life? It is time to reset the balance between human beings and the natural world to make the difference Jane Goodall calls for us to make and create a better future.

We at Aspirall are called on to challenge ourselves, and our clients to think differently, challenge the status quo and reimagine our accountability. Seeing ourselves not just as leaders of organisations and industries but rather as leaders of humanity and this planet. We can each start by asking ourselves and each other:

  • What is the motivation that moves you to challenge the decisions you are making in your organisation that impact One Earth?

  • What are the unintended consequences of your leadership choices and decisions on One Earth?

  • How and where do you need to be a nuisance where it counts?

  • What is the nature and substance of your accountability that positively impacts One Earth 50 to 100 years from now?

Our individual and collective leadership can make a significant difference in creating the change we want to see.

"Be a nuisance when it counts. Do your part to inform and stimulate the public to join your action. Be depressed, discouraged, & disappointed at failure & the disheartening effects of ignorance, greed, corruption & bad politics — but never give up." Marjory Stoneman Douglas - environmentalist, journalist and activist.

#OnlyOneEarth reminds us that we have one liveable planet, we need to call for and take transformative actions, changing our thinking and policies to enable a sustainable future where planetary concerns rank above narrow group interests. This planet is our only home, and we must care for it and protect it and all of its life forms, leaving a legacy of a healthy and beautiful planet.

We have #OnlyOneEarth, let's take care of it.


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