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A Pathway For Miracles

I remember the feeling of intense pride, it was 1995, I was working in the US, and had a flight home for a week back to South Africa. Unbeknownst to me, the weekend of the Rugby World Cup! Suspended in the air, flying, contemplating the leaders of the world. Scanning their quality, their mental capacity to lead for our planet in a fulsome way! Well, they mostly came up short. Short in the face of Madiba!

What a blessing, in my lifetime, to have known the capacity of a man to hold for us all. To craft a pathway for miracles to come forward with insight and a sensitive touch that awakens people’s sense of hope and optimism. May we each find a way towards our infinite wisdom and personal touch inspired by Mandela. That we are moved to a deeper capacity to affect and infect everything we do, say and think with a grand and profound sense of the import of humanity, the power of Ubuntu, and our deep entwined togetherness. Here’s to magnificent thinking and very cool shirts!

Tanya Diesel

CEO, Aspirall


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