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Aligning Purpose With Profit

Celebrating International Mother Earth Day

“Earth rejoices our words, breathing and peaceful steps. Let every breath, every word and every step make the mother earth proud of us.”― Amit Ray

There are limitless possibilities for businesses to execute their support for the environment. Contributing to a greener and more sustainable future may range from improving small individual habits, such as reducing plastic or paper usage in the office, to reimagining operation procedures and the reduction of fossil fuel usage in a supply chain. Considering the environmental impact on multiple levels is both a client expectation and, hopefully, a desire of a modern company.

Potential dilemmas can often appear when our desire to do the right thing for the planet seems at odds with the desire for maximum profit and delivering to stakeholders. This need not be the case, and clarity of your company’s core purpose and values is the key to minimising any incongruities.

Our best choices stem from our core purpose, values and ideals and are the building blocks of an elevated and systemic strategy. When we are clear on our intention, we can invoke a powerful change in mindset and steer our ship toward less conflict. When facing into the task of creating our environmental intentions, ask not “What will I battle against?” rather “Whom do I align with? Where do I place my business’s energy within this? What arena do I choose to play in?” Where can you joyfully add your energy?

Courage and a clear sense of a greater purpose, even your deepest, most sacred purpose, are the hallmarks of the leadership that will most serve the organisation now and into the future. Courage may also require stepping out of your current-level emotional comfort zone and redefining and upgrading your sense of who you are and what you truly value. An elevation in personal identity. Always a challenge but always worthwhile. Imagine your whole team making that leap together and where it may take your business. The view is guaranteed to be greater, but the magnitude and potentialities cannot be fully known from where you are presently standing.

For those times when your short-term goals for profit appear to be in conflict with a more holistic company manifesto, it may be that a great opportunity for growth has just presented itself. Could this be an invitation to re-focus and move forward with even more purpose? The needle on the compass pointing north never expends or dilutes its energy wondering which way it should point. The hiker must figure out the logistics of getting to where the compass points and no doubt will encounter challenges (and moments of exhilaration), but they must have absolute faith in what direction they are moving.

Fixing and solving all the earth’s problems may seem so overwhelming that it may seem pointless to try, and some concede. In our hearts, we know that following our highest path serves the “greater good” - whatever that term means to us. At Aspirall, we continually observe in our clients that people have an intuitive, innate sense of what the most evolved or joyful version of the self is and, therefore, what is their best version of leadership. Our work assists in bringing forth greater personal clarity, elevating strategic thinking that aligns purpose with business outcome.

Having the inspired tenacity to persevere until you find the solution that satisfies you, both environmentally and economically, often requires support. At Aspirall it is part of our purpose and greatest joy to assist in integrating business and sacred.

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