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Consultant Enrichment Day

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Wow! What another inspirational, energy filled, deeply moving and uplifting day!

On Enrichment Days our team of Consultants join together. These days are an opportunity to get deeply connected to our personal purpose, what is meaningful and challenging in our work and what profoundly enables and blocks our own greatness personally, collectively and systemically.

We take a deep experiential dive into the core methodologies used in our work and practice.

The group goes through what we do with our clients as we support each other through coaching, uplift and challenge. This creates an authentic connection, personal accountability and interdependence.

Our key learnings from these days are:

– Establishing standards and clarity around the core principles, methodologies, tools and strategies of the Aspirall approach

– Lift our strategic thinking around the work we deliver by experiencing the work and working through its meaning personally and collectively

– Deepen our connection and understanding of each other

– Deeply and experientially connect with the work

– Lift consultant capability, understanding and utilisation of tools and methodologies

– Refine development plans identifying clear next steps to breaking through to our next level of mastery

Coming together at an Aspirall Enrichment Day is an adventure for the head, heart and spirit.


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