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Empowering Women in Leadership: A Celebration of International Women's Day

A woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing. She goes where she will without pretence and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself and herself only. Maya Angelou

What does International Women's Day mean? It means today we take the time to acknowledge all women everywhere. It means we acknowledge all the women of generations past upon whose shoulders we have been carried. We honour the women of the present and those to come, all following their spirit to bring more to this world, to create, to imagine, to live, and to love.


We have the honour of working with phenomenal and inspiring women who lead in alignment with their highest values, their inspired spirit and their immense and courageous hearts.


They inherently understand that to make a difference in the world, they must walk their Hero’s journey, a journey of transformation that starts from within. It takes vulnerability, tenacity, and commitment. They have followed the call of their spirit, and we reap the rewards of their courage, resilience, wisdom, and grace. This is the journey of Conscious leadership, of self and others.


These women and all women in leadership are increasingly recognised for their strategic vision, adaptability, wisdom and ability to navigate the complex, chaotic and ever-changing world we are confronted with.


They foster collaboration, driving creativity, innovation and sustainable business success. They are actively promoting change and growth, making intentional commercial and service-driven choices that positively impact the people around them, the organisations they lead, society as a whole, and the planet for generations to come. We all know the presence of women in leadership at all levels of the organisation is good for business.


International Women's Day is a celebration of the achievements and ongoing efforts to empower women globally.


We are inspired by the remarkable women, past and present, as we continue to strive for a world where every woman can reach her full potential. Let us collectively contribute to a future where women's leadership is an even more powerful force for the positive transformation of individuals, organisations, systems and structures, shaping a world that truly values and celebrates diversity and the feminine.


Here’s to inspiring conscious women in leadership. May we know them, may we raise them, and may we be them.

Four questions you can ask now to support and enliven the women in your organisation:


  1. What can I do to foster an organisation that uplifts women in leadership?

  2. How can I promote and empower the women around me?  

  3. How can I work towards dismantling gender bias within my organisation?

  4. Where do I embody conscious leadership in my organisation and community?


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