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International Mother Earth Day

22 April is International Mother Earth Day which serves as a reminder of how deeply interconnected we are with the natural world and how we need harmony with nature to preserve a liveable climate for generations to come.

Right now, Mother Earth is sending us an urgent call to action. The disruption of the earth’s natural cycles and the loss of biodiversity affect the integrity of the earth’s precious ecosystems. Climate disruption and the depletion of the environment and its natural resources are a result of our unsustainable consumption. They are proving to be one of the biggest challenges humanity faces.

International Mother Earth Day reminds us that we have the power, we can work together to move to a more sustainable economy and future.

Our individual and collective leadership can and does make a difference, we can all take small and significant steps to create the change we want to see in the world.

Eight things we are doing at Aspirall right now to preserve a liveable and thriving climate for all. We invite you to consider what you are already doing and what you might include going forward from today.

  1. Save energy, lower the use of heating and cooling, switch to LED light bulbs and energy-efficient electric appliances at work and home. Use your washing line to dry your clothes instead of a dryer and wash your clothes in cold water.

  2. Walk, bike ride or catch public transport to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

  3. Consider your long-distance travel plans, when possible, take a train or meet virtually to reduce your carbon footprint.

  4. Throw away less food and compost leftovers, reducing the greenhouse gases produced by methane.

  5. Reduce, reuse, repair and recycle to reduce carbon emissions from manufacturing.

  6. Switch to renewable energy sources in your homes, such as wind and solar.

  7. Switch to an electric vehicle to help reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

  8. Choose eco-friendly, plant-based products and buy local seasonal foods that don’t have to travel as far to reach your home.


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