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Love and Strength in Daily Life

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

The day of St Valentine – red roses, declarations of love, even secret love!

St Valentine is a widely recognized third-century Roman Saint commemorated on February 14 since the Middle ages, associated with a tradition of courtly love. It is not sure if this tradition of mysterious loving is courtesy of one Saint or many! So be it! It has captured our imagination in the West, even if gone commercially bonkers!

So what might we make of it…………….! How can we see this as a calling forward………………as all messages are! (Inspiration – Nelson Mandela, Ghandi, HH the Dalai Lama)

As Michael Kirby (Australian former judge) and Gary Hamel (business thinker and speaker) have said – “It is all about love”

How are you demonstrating your loving – to yourself, your family, your work colleagues and friends, strangers and all that you touch!

We are not just workers, capital, resources etc. We are beings in contact with all that we love!

The name ‘Valentine’ is derived from valens meaning worthy, strong and powerful – what a fabulous way for us to consider how we love!


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