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Six Wisdoms for Autumn – Uplift from the Seasonal Cycle!

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

As Autumn progresses and winter draws near here are some ideas and wisdom we can take from the natural world to enhance your health and wellbeing. As it is a time that is cooler and windier it activates the body systems that govern the brain and our nervous system which can create excessive thoughts and anxiety. So the idea, according to Ayurveda, the ancient Indian health and healing system, is to favour foods, thoughts and activities that pacify these cold, windy autumnal and wintery experiences. In a nutshell, favour sweet, warming and calming foods, thoughts and actions. As nature is moving into a different flow, what does that mean for your flow and rhythms at work and play?

Here are six simple ideas to enhance your health and wellbeing on the way to lifting your autumnal performance and thinking:

1. Take inspiration from nature; Autumn is about shedding leaves, saving energy, storing nuts and growing a warm coat of fur Review your personal and professional practices in this light – what to shed, what to save, what to store, what to nurture.

2. Set your clear intentions for this new seasonal cycle Refresh your life purpose statement, review what you have in your life and check it against what you want and refresh your intentions, review your happiness of all areas of your life (physical, financial, family, work, mental, social, spiritual) and set new intentions, consider your impact on society and the planet and ask – are you making the difference you’d like to make. 3. Introduce warm, nourishing food into your daily diet Stewed fruit, vegetable stir fries, vegetable biryani, dahl, soups, stews, hot cereals, rice pudding, ghee, spices like ginger, cardamon, cumin, pepper, cinnamon, clove.

4. Reach for soothing, warm drinks Steamed milk, chamomile tea, add spices mentioned above to hot/warm water or milk, chai tea. 5. Include some nurturing wellbeing practices in your daily routine Walking, stretching, meditation, yoga, early bedtime (10:00 pm), eating a wholesome lunch around noon. 6. Give care, respect and love to all those around you Give gifts, pay compliments, acknowledge good deeds and great work, send a loving note, be of service somewhere in your community.


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