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Celebrating International Women's Day

Honouring the feminine and the masculine leads us towards a deeper integration and understanding of one another.

On this, International Women’s Day of 2022, let us take the opportunity to celebrate women and girls from all walks of life and all parts of the world. Let us also call forward a celebration of feminine energy. Feminine energy lives in men and women, girls and boys. When we have an honouring of the feminine and the masculine, of women AND men; then we can move towards a deeper integration and understanding.

How do we as women more deeply understand ourselves, our biases, and our differences, in service to playing our role in the prosperity, sustainability and joy of our corporations and the planet?

Prejudice and bias come with the human territory of understanding ourselves in the world and in relation to each other. We are judging machines, making meaning of similarities and differences as we learn to relate, love and express our identity. The real work is to understand when prejudice and bias have gripped us and for us to then look at what meaning this has for you.

How we explore the materiality and edges of our fears and worries, for they are at the heart of our prejudice. By taking the time for deep care of ourselves and deepening self-awareness we can move into increasing levels of empathy and compassion. Then we might reach out a hand to the other with kindness and curiosity so that we explore and honour the differences and unity of our shared humanity.

Here's to deepening our understanding and acceptance,

Tanya, Juliana, Erika and the Aspirall Team


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