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Authentic Leadership Amidst Disruption

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Rapidly changing global and market conditions were fundamentally challenging these experienced executives in a large, listed enterprise.

The tough reality in how to lead through a difficult restructure whilst ensuring continued high performance and caring for their people was deeply challenging their values and purpose. It was critical that they also got their strategy and planning right for the future.

Together, through our innovative, integral design approach we created a program that focused and underpinned how they would consciously move through the complexity of this disruption with clear intention and authenticity.

A few of the outcomes were to:

  • Deliver an industry leading acquisition that would have the market say: it makes sense, we see the opportunity and we will value this Create an energy and movement that allows and promotes

  • Make a difference in how we lead by honouring and supporting all people through a shared experience and transparent process

  • Create an energy and movement that brings people’s heartfelt desires and purpose to the fore, so engagement and alignment are real and respected

  • Showing strength of leadership through demonstrating powerful vulnerability and authenticity

“True leadership inspires during complexity and ambiguity. Through courageous honouring and respectful care our leaders delivered. All this created an intention and direction for high performance; and our Executives together with Aspirall, have achieved this!” Client Executive


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