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Pair Coaching – Unlocking Untapped Opportunities

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Partnerships are ubiquitous in our organisations: Chair and CEO, CEO and Chief Officers, Executives and their Executive direct reports. The power is in working these to elevate functioning and achieve the intended levels of success. Elite athletes, dancers, musicians are leading lights for us as they engage coaches of all varieties to extend and uplift their prowess. This Pair Coaching work serves to find the unseen and unknown wisdom and power in the space between the leaders.

At this level it is not about fixing, it is about high performing, finding the flow and ease in profound problem solving and creative strategy and vision. We can be blasé saying: we can work with others, we know each other well, we have good respect and camaraderie, no need for anything more. Be alert to the comfort zone, it can bite us. The inconvenient truths get swept under the carpet and we are perhaps not alert to what is missing, what is edited, what we have grown used to walking by.

Aspirall designed a program that extended leadership capacity between an Executive and each of their direct reports who were involved in a significant business transformation. It addressed challenging scenarios by bringing forward more powerful thinking, courage, authenticity and presence. The high value outcomes created impact and effectively resolved and elevated functioning resulting in outcomes amounting to a fourfold win: win for the leader, win for the team member, win for the team, win for the business.

Using subtle and powerful interventions it is possible to uncover the deeper personal enablers and blockers to being a more powerful and united leadership force. Not only is it possible to deepen shared visionary leadership and lift strategic thinking to further enable growth and business outcomes, a treasure chest of new untapped opportunities become available to the vison and purpose of the business and its competitive value add in the market place.

The specific benefits included:

  • Business challenges and opportunities were worked though with a breakthrough lens, ground breaking ideas emerged

  • Deeper alignment and synergy in thinking and doing was experienced, through exploration and elevation of leadership strengths

  • More value was released as unseen potential emerged and interference was named and worked with

  • Core beliefs and assumptions at an individual and business level were surfaced so they could be reframed to drive more value

  • Collaborative problem solving and decision making capabilities were refreshed and further stretched

  • Deepened relationship and influencing skills and strategies, so trust and co-creation drove more value in the business


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