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Strategic Build Facilitation

This client had a distinct requirement to change and grow the business through applying new thinking that would transform its leadership approach that would embrace emerging disruptive market conditions.

The challenge was to bring forward elevated thinking so quick and clear decision making could be attained while old approaches and blockers were released in order for the leadership group to build a powerful strategic platform.

This required an approach that enabled the leadership team to apply new thinking and a laser like focus on transforming their leadership approach that met and embraced the disruptive market conditions.

Aspirall designed a 4-5 month program that;

– built further depth and resilience in key role models

– applied a systems approach to leveraged small moments for big impacts

– linked traditional rational thinking with intuitive and heart based expression

– created a safer place to notice in the moment dynamics and lift leadership capability

– balanced depth, pace and current reality

The program delivered a strategy that was real, authentic, practical and integrated and created a more conscious and applied executive presence. Aspirall created time and space for the executive team to ramp up the pace, lead by executive courage, role modelling and real time application.

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