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Here’s to New Beginnings

Welcome to 2023 and the Year of the Rabbit.

The Rabbit is a symbol of kindness, quiet confidence, longevity, patience, skill and collaboration. They move steadfastly towards their goal, and no matter the obstacles that come their way, they persistently move forward with tenacity and with peace as their highest value. Make no mistake; they can move with speed and agility when it is needed.

The year of the Rabbit is seen as a time of transformational leadership; it is about empowering people, teams and organisations to lift their thinking and raise their awareness and vision to allow for deep and lasting change. To do this, we require strategy, attention to detail and skill in navigating the complexities of human relationships.

We can take inspiration from Rabbits that have been Masters in their fields, Albert Einstein, Michael Jordan and Lionel Messi, each with their gifts that have left an undeniable legacy! The last year of the Water Rabbit was 1963, when Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his legendary; I Have A Dream speech. If there was ever a time to collaborate with those who share our highest values and to lead with integrity and a bright new vision, this is it. We invite you to prepare for the year ahead. Clear the path by dealing with unfinished business mentally, spiritually and physically to set yourself up to truly embrace the blessings of transformational leadership and the Rabbit energy of the Lunar New Year. May it bring forth expanded and limitless possibilities within your team, organisation and heart. Warm Lunar New Year Wishes from all of us here at Aspirall Tanya, Juliana, Erika and the Aspirall Team

Image used with permission


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